Corporate Training Courses for Engineering Professionals

With the adoption of technology in almost every industry, professionals need to have skills and knowledge to cope with the current and future trends to best meet the expectations from a particular job role. Team is a core asset of any organization (small or big) and any added skill to the professional shows cumulative impact on overall organizational growth.

CADD Centre Indore offers tailor-made Corporate Training programs to equip your business team to stay up-to-date with the technology acumen for the business role they play.

The Program Highlights

  • Domains: Productivity Enhancement for corporates, Institutional training, Skill development for targeted socio-economic segment
  • Trainers: Qualified, Trained, re-trained, Experienced FCP certified by our Internal Training Academy (ITA).
  • Content: Globally acclaimed course material and Industry specific set of courses
  • Personalized Training Program: Follows the proven method of Study -> Develop -> Execute -> Evaluate -> Revise (The training requirements are analyzed to develop the custom training program. Post-execution, the Productivity Tracking and Regular updates are done to fill up the gaps.)

The Perceived Benefits to the Organization

  • Highly efficient and productive project teams
  • Internationally recognized / accredited bunch of team assets
  • Improved levels of Job satisfaction among employees by delivering the platform for developing skills